Need an experienced executive inside your organization for two days a week or full-time for a few months? TOTALL INTERIM executives can fill a gap, lead or execute a key initiative, provide specialized skills and knowledge.

TOTALL INTERIM provides full time and part-time experienced managers to fill critical management gaps of their operations around the world. Our Interim Managers are experienced in the local operation and able to work quickly and efficiently to complete KPIs of a variety of assignments.

When a key manager suddenly is no longer available, placing a qualified Interim Manager minimizes the disruptive impact and buys you time while you undertake a replacement process. The TOTALL Interim Executives are highly experienced, senior-level executives who can handle a specific role or deliver a business objective, such
as change management, project management, gap management in HR, Finance, Plant Management, or business turnaround during an M & A situation.

100,000 + Interim / Part-time Executives in the network

  • Interim CEO’s
  • President, GM
  • Director of Operations
  • Commercial Director
  • Interim CFO’s
  • Human Resources
  • Engineering Director
  • Supply Chain Director
  • Interim CTO/CIO
  • Sales Executives
  • Marketing Director
  • CEE/VP
  • Interim CMO’s
  • Interim COO’s
  • Managing Director
  • Program/Project Director


How TOTALL Interim Executives Can Help Your Business

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Turnaround Situations
  • Succession Planning
  • Large Scale Projects
  • Market Entrance
  • Product Launches
  • Business Development
  • Fill Executive Gaps



Start by telling us about the current situation and why additional support is needed. It might be straight forward or complex but either way, we will work together and advise on the best solution. TOTALL can help you with Full- time, Part-Time, Interim Management, or Contract Executives, based on your needs.

We take your detailed request and compare it against a network of thousands of executives worldwide within our executive recruitment partners. All candidates in this network have already been vetted and references have been verified. Saving you time in the screening process.

Once we have shortlisted to a suitable number of candidates with the right experience, skills and, cultural fit we will go through each CV with you and help you decide who to interview. After selecting the best candidate for the assignment we will continue to support you throughout the duration of the executive’s time with your business.

Yes, save money by hiring the right candidate from the beginning.



TOTALL helps you put your focus where it belongs by enabling you to expand your business both locally and globally.

Our TOTALL INTERIM executives are vetted and hand-selected for each situation based on their ability to work within your company to produce results. Sometimes accomplishing the agreed-upon goals requires a day or two a week for a few months. Other engagements may dictate a more intensive amount of time over a longer period.
Either way, you have complete flexibility to apply executive expertise to a key role or key initiative without the obligations of a full-time employee.

TOTALL INTERIM – A CORNERSTONE SERVICE. Contact us by email at or on how we can help you to expand into China or grow internationally and efficiently around the world.