Individual Search

We help clients attract and select professionals and technical recruits for even the most hard-to-fill positions. Once the position profile has been approved, we use a disciplined, systematic research procedure to identify those industries in which successful candidates might be found. We then examine target companies and evaluate individuals within those firms.

To assist us in this work, we draw upon a comprehensive collection of reference and research materials. Our research materials include not only our own in-house database, but also a variety of other relevant business information resources. Beyond optimizing our data resources, we engage in active networking.

Here’s what sets TOTALL HR apart:

  • our industry experience
  • our professionalism
  • our mindset
  • our sense of urgency that we bring to each step in the process.

This process can be summarized as follows:

Client consultation > Search > Candidate Screening > Client Interviews > Hire > Follow up


Client consultation:
Communication is the key factor here. We listen to your requirements for a specific position and put this into a larger context of where you want to take your business in this market. We identify key performance indicators and do our utmost to discover what makes your business tick. Consultation is ongoing throughout the hiring process. If a candidate we introduce is not suitable for some reason, we are happy for the opportunity to learn why so that we can further refine the search and get it right.


We don’t rely solely on our large database of screened candidates to meet your needs. We get on the telephone and talk to people. Every Search we conduct is with the highest sense of urgency. In the process of selecting a shortlist of candidates, we use every resource at our disposal to expand the pool of potentially suitable talent.


Candidate Screening:
Candidate screening is the critical step in the process. We evaluate skills, experience, presentation, character, drive, intelligence, intuitiveness, creativity, management ability, key strengths and weaknesses. Beyond interviews, we conduct detailed reference checks to confirm our assessments. As much as possible, we work to avoid surprises. Our reputation depends upon it, and our business depends upon our reputation.


Client Interviews:
The interview stage is a part of ongoing client consultation. We work intimately with the client and candidate during this stage to fill in any gaps, facilitate communication and understanding, and further refine our knowledge of the client’s current needs and company culture.


We work diligently to ensure that an equitable package is negotiated successfully, and we ensure that the candidate has a smooth transition into his or her new role.


Follow Up:
We do our best to ensure that our candidates exceed client expectations. To do so, we maintain communication with both sides to address any issues before they become problems.